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​Interested in POPPING UP with us?


We are a FULL service permanent Market Shop offering monthly POP-UP collectives to Local Canadian companies at our Main Street location right in the heart of Mount Pleasant on one of the best shopping blocks in the city!

Located in beautiful Vancouver, BC.

How does it work?


Brands pay a monthly vendor fee to showcase their products in our shop

for a one month commitment at a time.


What does a full service POP-UP entail?


We look after everything! Vendors simply deliver products to our shop location and we take care of the rest! 

You are not required to work the POP-UP or even set-up your display (although you can include your own display pieces if you'd like and at our discretion if they fit with the look and feel of our shop). 


Why do you charge a vendor fee?


Our fees help to cover all of the expenses that go into operating our shop and give local companies

an avenue to showcase their brands at a fraction of what it would cost them to open their own store.


Or perhaps a companies margins simply do not allow for a wholesale or consignment type model.

That's where we come in... Sunday Small Goods allows you to market and sell your goods for your small business, while allowing you to retain a higher profit margin on all your sales. 


The vendor fees also cover costs such as space rentals, staffing, merchandising,

marketing, insurance, licences, equipment and more. 




Please see below for rates and information


Applications are NOW open for a very limited time to apply to be a vendor at our Main Street location for



Applications will close once fully booked. Very limited space available.


4360 Main St, Vancouver, BC



Fostering community and supporting local home grown businesses across Canada.



Giving brands the opportunity to market, sell and showcase their full product lines where they may have otherwise not had the opportunity through traditional retail models.


giving back

Working with non profit brands to sell products in our store that donate 100% of the proceeds to  organizations and causes that align with our common goal of fostering community, growth and opportunity.



Join us for the Sunday Small Goods Valentine's & Spring Pop-Up on Main Street & 28th in Vancouver, BC for the most bustling shopping on one of the best blocks in the city!

Our shop features a curated collective of only all local Canadian based companies. 


Applications close once fully booked. Very limited space available.

Valentine's & Spring Pop-up dates: February 1st - April 30th, 2020

Location: Sunday Small Goods, 4360 Main Street, Vancouver

Application Deadline: Space available on a first come first serve basis (acceptance is not guaranteed; applications will close once fully booked).

Vendor Pop-up Rates:


February 2020 - $200 + 80/20 consignment


March 2020 - $200 + 80/20 consignment


April 2020 - $200 + 80/20 consignment


*Vendors are only able to book a maximum of ONE month at a time; but can apply for multiple months in case spaces are filled prior to acceptance.


Vendor fees cover the costs of space rental, insurance, marketing (social media, print, email, window displays) staff costs, licenses, merchandising and other associated fees. Vendor's products are input into our Square inventory system upon receiving, tracked and sales reports are sent by the 20th of the following month. Payment is on the 21st via cheque and available to be picked up from the Main St., location or mailed to you.

By reading and clicking that you agree to our vendor agreement in our application, you accept our vendor terms and conditions.