Helichrysum Natural Deodorant


Uniquely powerful and packed with an intoxicating floral and citrus scent, our Helichrysum Natural Deodorant will keep you smelling fresh and clean during all hours of the day. 100% aluminum-free and formulated with helichrysum flower, gegen (葛根) root, rosemary, and Moroccan rhassoul clay, our soothing medley works naturally to absorb moisture and curtail bacteria. Used for skin purification and body detoxification, gegen root (also known as arrowroot) is an important herb in Traditional Chinese Medicine; this valuable herb has been used for medicinal teas and nourishing broths since 600 A.D! This luxurious deodorant glides on smoothly and works perfectly for those with sensitive skin, and you can even use it on all parts of your body as a stimulating fragrance.

For mindful use:  Gently glide the deodorant onto underarms and/or on any spots that are prone to sweat. Re-apply as needed.

At Pithy Apothecary, we strongly believe that every woman has a right to a safe place and community for refuge, resources and healing. Which is why we will be donating $2 per deodorant purchase to the Downtown Eastside Women's Centre (DEWC) in Vancouver, BC. In addition, we will match that amount with an extra donation made quarterly. Supporting local organizations that help empower women is important to us.


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