Ginger Milk Bath


Our Ginger Milk Bath is an ideal way to sweat toxins out when you don't have time to head to a sauna. Ginger has amazing, natural thermogenic properties which increase the temperature of the body and generate heat inside it; thus, assisting with blood and warmth circulation in the body.  In TCM, ginger is used as an ancient healing remedy to restore “yang” and expel cold energy. A hot ginger bath is traditionally used to help relieve aches and pains. We’ve elevated the traditional formula for a truly warming and therapeutic bathing experience. Cocoa butter and soy protein are added to the mix for extra skin nourishment and softness.

For mindful use: 

May add directly to bath or place into the muslin cloth for easy cleanup,

Use 1/3 cup to hot bath water while adjusting the temperature as needed,

Bathe for about 20-30 minutes for full benefits,

Expect to sweat for 30 minutes to an hour after the bath,

Soy grains can be used to exfoliate skin by rubbing gently in circular motions,

Rinse your body off with warm water in the shower at the end of the bath,

It works wonderfully as a relaxing pre-bedtime ritual to encourage better sleep (you will sweat for 1-2 hours afterwards and wake up reinvigorated),

Only take this bath once a week and do not stay in the bath for longer than 30 minutes,

Use with caution if you have a ginger allergy and/or sensitive skin (patch test or try bathing for 15 rather than the full 30 minutes).

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