Aromatherapy Candle


The Madera collection features four of our favourite scent blends, inspired by our love of the outdoors, and adventures in places where the land meets the sea in the Pacific Northwest. Warm and earthy or herbaceous and crisp, each brings you a breath closer to the magic of the wild unknown.


Cedar and Smoke - blends the natural woodsy aromas of cedar and smoke to create a nostalgic experience that celebrates gathering around our most primal element. The smoky, lingering aroma of singed wood and glowing embers combined with the cleansing scent of natural cedar, known for easing tension and encouraging restful sleep.

Cypress and Oak Moss - Breathe in deeply to embrace the rich green aromas of the coastal PNW rainforest. The resinous, evergreen scent of cypress, known for it’s clarifying properties, is paired with soft earthy lichen fragrance of oak moss to create an evocative blend that brings the wild coast indoors.

Palo Santo and Sage - Our signature dry scent, inspired by the high desert of the inland mountain ranges that run up the Northwest Pacific coast, offers a meditative combination of holy palo santo and clarifying sage. Tune in to the power of palo santo’s healing properties and the uplifting, balancing and energy-clearing aroma of soft, herbaceous sage.

Pine and Eucalyptus - The refreshing scent of clear, citrusy black pine and eucalyptus offer cleansing Nordic spa and forest bathing vibes. Pine is a natural stress-reliever and energizes the body to help eliminate fatigue, enhance concentration, and promote a positive outlook, while soothing eucalyptus naturally supports purification and detoxification.

Made with all-natural soy wax, fragrance and pure essential oils, and a cracking cedar wick.






Made with all-natural soy wax, fragrance and pure essential oils, and a cracking cedar wick.




Lead-free | BPA-free | Vegan

300 gram / 10 ounce pour

80 hour burn time

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