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Business Babes Collective

'Passion to Profit' Online Event  

Wednesday, March 25th, 2020

6pm - 9pm

1. Business Babes Collective is hosting a Virtual Party next week! Including 3 Online Experiences!
2. Meet some of the Businesses who are sponsoring our event and giving away $800 worth of prizes!
3. Online Workshops on Demand (Like Netflix but better)
4. A personal note from Danielle Wiebe! What this time has been like for her and
the team, encouragement for you and hope she has for the future!


It's been a whirlwind this week but we are excited to continue serving our
community in a powerful way! 

Which is why...

Business Babes Collective "Passion to Profit" event is going to be an online EXPERIENCE!

INTRODUCING: Passion to Profit Virtual Experience 


(Yes you heard that right! THREE)

We don't want anyone to miss out on this ONLINE PARTY! So keep reading...



 “Passion to Profit” Virtual Event - March 25th 6:00pm PST (9pm EST)

  • This is where the party starts!

  • Virtual panel with our inspiring speakers 

  • Online Dance Party & Entertainment

  • Networking through our chatbox where you can introduce yourself and your business and connect with others attending virtually

  • Live Q+A chat where you can ask questions to our speakers

  • Over $800 worth of giveaways from our sponsors ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀


Raveena of @justcakesbakeshop
Chaylene @catmom of @pinkavocafe @chaybrows
Shaughnessy @shaughnessy of @sudiosashiko + @pinkavocafe


 Mastermind Breakout Calls - March 26th throughout the day

  • Sign up for one of our intimate breakout mastermind sessions -  Morning, Afternoon and Evening on March 26th - (Link will be sent for sign up when tickets purchased)

  • The ultimate online networking and business brainstorming experience

  • Have the opportunity to introduce yourself and your business and present one idea, challenge or opportunity to brainstorm with a group of entrepreneurial women!

  • Hands-on coaching for your business


   A  Financial Clarity Online Workshop

  • Online Workshop hosted with Anthea of @clearmarginconsulting Anthea is a Finacial Coach, Bookkeeper and Accountant who helps business owners manage and understand their finances!

  • We will be discussing how to be creative with your business and finances during this time of uncertainty.

  • We will have the chat box open for questions and networking during the call so that Anetha can answer all your questions! 

In this time of isolation, let's get together  *virtually* and network,
support, and build each other up!

Partial proceeds from this event will be donated to Mamas For Mamas an organization that serves single Moms who need our help right now for food & essentials! Find out more here

*Use code: SUNDAY10 for $10 off your ticket