How it all began...


This is us... Vince & Carly, the owners and founders of Sunday Small Goods.

Those wee feet over there belong to Bodhi, our 2 year old. 

We opened our shop in Vancouver's Dunbar neighbourhood in 2018, when I had this idea to open up a 2 week holiday POP-UP shop featuring all local makers.

Well 2 weeks turned into 2 shop locations in under 2 years and here we are today in 2020 still going strong. Honestly, I started our shop with absolutely nothing (I had $60 in my bank account) and was at the end of my maternity leave. 

I knew I wanted to create a business and life for our family that would allow us the flexibility to be together as much as possible so I was determined to make this a success. 

Right from the start I realized there was this gap in the market to give local businesses more opportunities to showcase their brand and products outside of the traditional retail model.

We have operated right from the beginning as a full service monthly POP-UP, which allows companies to pay a fee and rent space in our shop. Since opening our doors we have featured 300+ different businesses from around Vancouver and across Canada and we proudly support only 100% locally made.